Eichler Remodel

In mid- 2015 Ngan and her husband John hired us to do some extensive remodeling work on their 1953 Eichler home in San Mateo, California. This house was a true classic and a joy to work on. We really enjoyed working with Ngan and John as they made intelligent and tasteful choices at every turn. When asked about which materials to use, they picked both the durable and elegant options every time. This made it easier for us to deliver a beautifully finished home at just over our quoted budget due to some unforeseen repair work we uncovered during demolition.

Link doesn't subcontract. Everyone is part of the team and you can tell. They really enjoy working with each other which makes us homeowners feel comfortable letting them work on our home. They have a lot of pride in their work. From the cabinet guy to the floor guy to the tile guy - they are all meticulous in their craft. You want to see precision? You should see our tile guy's work. WOW!” Ngan L. • December 2015